Listening to the Clay

Throwing pottery is all about just listening to the clay. Here in the Ozarks at Oddbowlz Ceramics, the clay speaks every day.

Words To Live By

“Get busy living or get busy dying.” These are the words to live by that were handed down to me by my Dad. I have taken them to heart my whole life.

Pottery is Real Living

For me, pottery is an example of real living. There is no better feeling than putting my hands in that bag. Pulling out some clay. Getting it measured just right. Sitting down at the wheel. Placing the clay in front of me. Dipping my hands in the water bucket. Watching the clay begin to spin. Getting it centered. Leaning in. Putting my hands on it and…I go into the zone.


In the zone

Listening to the Clay

You may think it sounds funny but the clay speaks to me. I always have an idea of what I am going to throw when I sit down. But exactly how it turns out – exact sizes, shapes? No, I let the clay speak and don’t try to make everything fit into an exact square box.

Keep It Unique

This is why I can ensure that each piece of my pottery is unique. It is an odd bowl; there is no other piece exactly like it.  And there never will be.  To uniqueness! To Oddbowlz!

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