Meet Me – Oddbowlz Ceramics

Hi, I am Greg Hall and I am the artist behind the world of Oddbowlz.  I live off the beaten track in Dry Fork, Arkansas.  Born and raised in California, I moved to Arkansas in 1996 to work for Heifer International, a hunger relief agency.

I started working with clay when I was a kid but life took over there for a while.  Now I have been back at it for about 15 years and love the time I get to sit behind the pottery wheel.  I believe in keeping things useful so I focus on functional pottery.  I like to try new things so I am always experimenting with glazes and possible new products I could throw on a wheel.

I never want to stop learning so I work on refining and growing my skills as a potter on a daily basis. I celebrate each piece I make for its own unique beauty.  Each piece is really one of a kind, or as my wife likes to say, a real odd bowl.

A Word about Colors

Almost all of my work is available in all of the colors you’ll see throughout the site. If you want a sponge holder, for example, in the green like the vase on the other page, just let me know. I might have that in stock or I might be able to put it in the next firing batch.

Some colors are produced in unique limited runs. I can’t reproduce those colors, so once those items are sold out, they’re gone for good. You’ll have to call or email to check availability.

My Products:

Working the pot.

Greg Hall, potter, working the bowl on the wheel.
Greg Hall, potter, working the bowl on the wheel.
Oddbowlz Ceramic shop
The Oddbowlz Ceramics workshop.